Iridium Passive Antenna – 25mm Maxtena MPA-D254-1621

Iridium Passive Antenna – 25mm Maxtena MPA-D254-1621

This antenna product is designed for Iridium-based embedded applications, and is used in GPS handheld units, mobile devices, and tracking devices. It features higher upper hemisphere efficiency and a lower axial ratio as compared to regular patch antennas.

The antenna comes standard with a 100 mm cable and U.FL connector, custom alternatives can be requested.



    • Vehicle and fleet tracking
    • Military & security
    • Asset tracking
    • Embedded applications
    • Oil & gas industries
    • Navigation devices
    • Mining equipment
    • LBS & M2M applications
    • Handheld devices
    • Law enforcement


    • Iridium frequency band
    • U.FL connector or other
    • Compact size
    • Custom tuning