Iridium/GPS Low Profile Fleet Antenna SATFLEET

  • Iridium/GPS Low Profile Fleet Antenna SATFLEET
Iridium/GPS Low Profile Fleet Antenna SATFLEET

Maxtena’s SATFleet Iridium/GPS fleet solution consists of two separate high performance antennas in one compact and secure housing: one helix Iridium enabling Voice and Data and one high gain active GPS antenna.

This antenna is the ideal solution for the most extreme and demanding applications where reliable satellite reception and high accuracy are required. It can be used to boost the performance of the Iridium handsets among other uses.

The SATFleet measures 61mm in width by 116mm in length with a peak height of 50mm. By leveraging techniques in antenna miniaturization perfected in our other products, the SATFleet provides maximum performance in one of the most compact, easy to install form factors.

SATFleet is designed for reliable Iridium network SBD application and provides superior call/voice quality. This low profile antenna is a screw mount antenna with a rugged IP67 rated housing and is ideal for the most demanding environmental challenges. SATFleet provides outstanding performance for any telematics and fleet management application.



    • Fleet Management
    • Circuit Switch Data
    • Asset Tracking
    • Law Enforcement & Public Safety
    • Heavy Machinery
    • Oil & Gas


    • Superior Iridium Voice /Data performance
    • Iridium ground plane independent
    • High peformance helix Iridium antenna
    • Active GPS antenna


    • Iridium Certified
    • Rugged IP-67 housing
    • Low profile with screw mount
    • Superb low elevation performance
    • Low weight